Monday, May 20, 2013

It seems that the story of a few narrow-minded (or plainly stupid) fellows dressing as Nazi officers in the 1940s weekend at Haworth is all over the news (Yorkshire Post, Daily MailThe MirrorThe Telegraph or The Times). The Sunday Express even quotes the Brontë Society:
Brontë Society chairman Sally McDonald said: “It is regrettable if they’ve attended in those costumes. It casts a shadow over the weekend.” (Chris Riches)
There is even a petition online, sponsored by Hathaways of Haworth, to  to ban the use of nazi insignia and the wearing of SS uniforms. Fortunately, some newspapers also feature some of the real stuff: The Telegraph & Argus, for instance. The Brontë Parsonage Facebook page also publishes a couple of pictures (here and here).

The winner of the Eurovision song contest, Emmelie de Forest is a Brontëite. Nordjyske (Denmark) interviews her:
Hvad læser du?
Jeg læser Bade romaner, krimier og biografier. Min yndlingsbog er af Stormfulde Højder Emily Brontë. Det er en Mørk stories mere der handler om om hævn end kærlighed, og er mit album faktisk meget inspireret af den. (Translation)
The Independent (Ireland) reviews Love is the Easy Bit by Mary Grehan:
Before Twilight divided female readers into Team Edward and Team Jacob, there was Wuthering Heights, in which Cathy was presented with a similar choice between the dependable, safe Edgar Linton and the dangerous, sexy bad boy Heathcliff.
Being only 11, the daughter of Sylvia, the narrator of Mary Grehan's debut novel, is too young to have read Emily Brontë's classic Victorian romance[.] (Eilis O'Hanlon)
On Wanderlust Rachel Ricks tells the following anecdote:
Of all the books I have read in my life, I can remember the physical book as well as – or even as part of – the actual story. I remember my 1970s series of Famous Five books that lined my childhood bookcase; the big old hardback copy of Peter Pan and Wendy with its colour plates; and then I remember my first borrowed copy of Wuthering Heights; and, for me, A Room with a View will always be associated with a sturdy hardback borrowed from the library that I got sand between all the pages as I read it on the beach one summer between college years.
The Star has a recommendation for today, May 20:
Brontë Walk, around Hathersage led by Paul Eyre, relaxed, 4m walk will follow in the footsteps of Jane Eyre, taking in locations associated with the title character of Charlotte Brontë’s most famous novel. Meet at 10.30am outside the George Hotel, Main Rd, Hathersage, S32 1BB. Contact Paul Eyre tel. 01709 838673/ 07753 982954/ for more details.
SanLeandroPatch informs about a local screening of Wuthering Heights 2011 (June 8); mentions the performance of Julia Holewińska and Kuba Kowalski's Wuthering Heights adaptation at the Kaliskich Spotkanich Teatralnych Festival; Loud and Little is reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Covered with Flour is doing a #Villettealong; Blog extrem de personal  si incredibil de subiectiv de subiectiv (in Romanian) reviews Jane Eyre.


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