Tuesday, April 02, 2013

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Cheri Hessami, photography
This is a new webseries project based on Jane Eyre and created in Canada:
​The Autobiography of Jane Eyre
a modernized webseries​ adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre

Created by: Nessa Aref and  Alysson Hall
Produced by: Nessa Aref, Erika Babins and Fojan Shabrang​
Additional Writers: Courtney Christensen, Christina Bialik, Shaan Rahman
Consulting Producer and Transmedia Coordinator:  Kathryn Hall
Designer: Jessica Wong
Composer: Daryn Cassie

Alysson Hall is Jane Eyre.

Teaser Trailer / Episode 1

Jane's story will be told through many different digital platforms - which will develop alongside the story.

You Tube Channel (Next episode is announced for April 3rd)
Jane's Tumblr​
​Jane's Instagram 

The Official Twitter of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.
Facebook of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre


  1. Not a promising start ... a very un-Jane-like protagonist (who, according to her desultory narration, finds life boring rather than full of opportunity).

  2. Actually, I think you may have misinterpreted what Jane said. She ends the first episode saying, "The world is wide, full of hopes, of fears, of sensations & excitements, of adventure, if you have the courage to go after it." I don't think she finds life boring at all. She's trying to find her path in life and I really relate to her. I think it's an impressive start and I'm excited for this project! Thank you to the people who are making this happen.

  3. I would definitely recommend these videos! We are now at episode 27 and all the modifications done to modernize the story are really brilliant and right. There are also Blanche's Twitter account and Thornfield's to follow like it's a real company. It's really fun. I 'm looking forward to new episodes each week!!