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Several weeks ago we already talked about the DoeDeMee initiative to fight against illiteracy:
Belgian graphic design studio beshart was able to unite 100 artists from 28 countries in a unique co-creation project.
Together we (re)designed the covers for "The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time" (The Observer, 2003). Our mission: raise awareness for the problem of illiteracy.
The result is not only a unique cross section of contemporary trends in design and illustration, it is also a wonderful collection of posters that has you contemplating on those great reading moments we as literate people often take for granted.
The collection was officially released in Antwerp City Hall on International Literacy Day (September 8, 2012) and can be found in our online gallery. We received some pretty awesome cover art from all over the world, so make sure to check them out!
Now,  the new covers are being exhibited all around Maastrich (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium) and Schwäbisch Hall (Germany), including Jane Eyre of course:
Expo 100 Boeken Re-covered

15 maart t/m 13 april

Maastricht verrast de bezoekers in de binnenstad met bijzondere (etalage)presentaties. Het spraakmakende project DoeDeMee van het Antwerpse grafische studio Beshart, dat 100 kunstenaars uit 28 landen verenigt en waarbij alle boeken uit de top 100 aller tijden een nieuwe cover krijgen aangemeten in de strijd tegen analfabetisme, heeft nu ook zijn weg gevonden naar Maastricht.Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen heeft ervoor gezorgd dat Maastricht de eerste Nederlandse stad is die de bijzondere posters gratis presenteert!
Maastrich Díchtbij publishes a picture of the poster and more information on the exhibition.


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