Monday, January 28, 2013

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Bookclubs reading Jane Eyre or any Brontë novel are quite popular. Like this one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:
I would like to invite you to our book event. It is hosted by The Beach Babes Book Brigade.
We have invited a guest speaker, Dan Ennis, from CCU to talk about Jane Eyre.
If you live in the Myrtle Beach area please RSVP.

The event will be held on January 28th at 1PM at California Dreaming.
email me at
Or this other one, more on the highbrow side:
Alle 18 h alla libreria Libraccio di via Santa Teresa 7 sarà inaugurato il sesto ciclo di incontri “Giallo e Nero” a cura dell'associazione I colori del Libro. Si parla di “Eros e Thanatos in "Cime Tempestose" di Emily Brontë” con Massimo Romano, critico letterario e scrittore.


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