Thursday, December 20, 2012

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A new comic show in Toronto, with some Brontë-related content:

An Especially Maude-Lynne Xmas: A Reluctant Wassail for Yuletide MisfitsDecember 20-December 22 8:00 PM (EST)
Nobody's Business Theatre
Toronto, ON
Written by Morgan Norwich & Johnnie Walker
Directed by Johnnie Walker
Starring Morgan Norwich with Peter Cavell

“Morgan Norwich is  impeccably droll as Maude-Lynne, enunciating her latest tweets with the clarity of a 19th-century governess.” NOW Magazine
“Morgan Norwich is both magnetic and gut-busting as Maude-Lynne, a reclusive retro-fetishist who sells bootleg movies & Victorian literature from her mom’s basement to make ends meet. ” Eye Weekly

Maude-Lynne is back! Exiled from her own family’s Christmas celebrations, everyone’s favourite expert on Victorian gothic literature and the Internet has organized her own Xmas spectacular, complete with carols, presents for the audience, and an interactive pantomime.
Featuring accompaniment from Maude-Lynne’s long-suffering boyfriend Colin and surprise video cameos from ghosts of Nobody’s Business Theatre’s past!
Stick around each night after the show for a special holiday party!
We read on Xtra!
Perennial goth girl and retro-wannabe Maude-Lynne thinks she’s hit on the perfect combination of dark and darker for her seasonal celebrations this year. Along with her long-suffering husband, Colin, she’s embarking on a mission to un-merry Christmas with quotes from the Brontë sisters, barbed commentary on the tackiness of all things ho-ho, and a bleak Victorian pantomime that would probably depress any child or adult foolhardy enough to stray from the Santa Claus Parade circuit. (Serafin LaRiviere)


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