Sunday, October 24, 2010

We read in the Knoxville News Sentinel:
It seems all great poets and writers have foraged through October's wealth of material and found the making of a masterpiece: John Keats, Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, Wendell Berry, Theodore Roethke, W.S. Merwin, Charlotte Brontë, C.S. Lewis and Emily Dickinson - just to name a few - each have famous writings with October named or implied in the title, or somewhere in the first few lines. (Ina Hughs)
We are not very sure which novel or Brontë writing the journalist is thinking of. Maybe Emily Brontë and her poem Fall, Leaves, Fall?

We are not sure either of the sort of Brontë sisters pictured by the author of this The Source Weekly article talking about the actor Alastair Jacques:
In person Jaques, who grew up in an isolated Oregon farmhouse with elderly grandparents and now lives in another farmhouse with his wife and two young children, is elegant and affable, with a quick wit and the sort of impeccable manners that would make the Brontë sisters swoon. (Suzanne Burns)
Certainly not the same ones that inspired Kate Beaton's cartoon.

The comments on this article of the Washington Post has a nice exchange of impressions about Jane Eyre; posts an interesting (as usual) interview with Clare B. Dunkle, author of The House of Dead Maids (and a contest); Breathing Underwater posts about Wuthering Heights in Romanian; A Piece of Cake! is reading Jane Eyre and A Novel Idea: Confessions of book buying addict is re-reading it in the Dame Darcy Illustrated edition. Könyvekkel suttogó reviews Agnes Grey in Hungarian.

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