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A comment by Andrea Arnold from Cannes to The Guardian concerning her Wuthering Heights project:
Cannes favourite Andrea Arnold was also there, preparing to start shooting her version of Wuthering Heights. A bit of a change from her urban dramas Red Road and Fish Tank, I venture? "Oh no, I love the countryside," she said. "It's going to be all about the trees and rivers and moors. Nature's very sexy." (Jason Solomons)
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner mentions a recent talk organised by the Meltham Women's Institute:
The speaker for the evening was Trevor Moody who gave a talk on the Brontes. He showed pictures on a screen of all the family members and where they had lived. This was very interesting and informative. (Yvette Smith)
The Independent (Ireland) publishes this most perplexing sentence in an article about horse races:
The Brontes and Shakespeare knew a thing or two about drama. On Sunday's evidence, it is little wonder they often chose the Heath as their perfect stage. (Ian McClean)
Aneca's World reviews with some disappointment Jane Eyre 1973 but dreadpiraterose loves Jane Eyre 1983; ocean_icons posts several Wuthering Heights 2009 icons; Tiffany's Bookshelf has enjoyed Sherri Browning Erwin's Jane Slayre; Which End is Up?! is re-reading Jane Eyre and Jucus' Home posts about it (in Hungarian); Confessions of a A High School Somebody posts his/her more influential books, including Wuthering Heights and Villette and Venturing Through Wonderland and Семья (in Russian) post about Wuthering Heights. Finally, ally ally oxen free has uploaded to flickr a drawing with the following irresistible description:
It's little baby Heathcliff, and The Beatles, wandering around Liverpool before Earnshaw scoops him up and brings him home and basically ruins the rest of his life. YAAAAAY!!!!
Clearly, I've been reading too much Wuthering Heights. But theres no stopping me!
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  1. There's also a group of book bloggers that are reading WH for a project called Wuthering Heights Wednesdays. We read three chapters at a time, then discuss on our blogs. It's fun to see the reactions, particularly from those who haven't read it before and are finding it to be an entirely different book from what they'd imagined. Blogger Fizzy Thoughts started it:

  2. Thanks for the info, although we do know about it and have linked to their posts before. Great initiative!