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The Huddersfield Daily Examiner has interesting news:
AN exhibition about Wuthering Heights is to be staged at one of Kirklees’ most popular tourist attractions.

Now the appeal has gone out to people in the area to help.

The event at Oakwell Hall in Birstall will be held to coincide with the TV screening later this year of a new adaptation of Emily Brontë’s classic love story.

In the meantime, museum officers are appealing for the public to get in touch if they can offer any Wuthering Heights memorabilia for the exhibition.

The latest adaptation of Brontë’s novel was filmed partly at Oakwell Hall last summer by production company Mammoth Screen.

The Elizabethan manor house closed for four weeks for filming, rooms were redressed and car parks filled with film crews.

Stars on set included Sarah Lancashire, Andrew Lincoln – of Teachers and This Life fame – Band of Brothers actor Tom Hardy as Heathcliff and newcomer Charlotte Riley as his lover Catherine Earnshaw.

Wuthering Heights is one of the biggest productions Oakwell Hall has seen, despite the Nutter Lane museum being used as a film set in the past.

In the 1920s it was used for a silent movie version of Charlotte Brontë’s novel Shirley.

The hall was used as the basis for Fieldhead in Shirley by Brontë when she wrote the book in 1849.

Oakwell Hall also appeared as a location in ITV drama Lost In Austen last September.

The Wuthering Heights exhibition will include items connected to the filming of Wuthering Heights 2009, as well as memorabilia from other productions and books.

Museum officers have photos and props from the filming, scripts, the mock-up wooden panel where Heathcliff and Cathy carved their names.

But they are appealing to the public for more items – such as Kate Bush’s 1970 single Wuthering Heights, or memorabilia from the 1990s West End musical Heathcliff, starring Cliff Richard.

Anyone who wants to contribute items to the exhibition should contact Simon Skelling at Kirklees Museums and Galleries on 01484 223803.
So, if you have Wuthering Heights memorabilia do be kind and loan it to them. If not... well, if not don't miss the exhibition when it opens!

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  1. that sounds like a nice thing to go see. Wish I could!
    Wuthering Heights fan from USA

  2. Brilliant! I went to Oakwell Hall recently and asked them a few questions about the filming of Wuthering Heights. I know which rooms were used but I'm still confused which room they used as Cathy's. I will definitely be going to the exhibition as I only live 15 minutes drive away from Oakwell. Thank you for this information ;-)

    Kelly xxx
    Bradford, UK

  3. Fantastic to hear you will be going. If you feel like it afterwards, you can share your thoughts on the exhibition :) Enjoy it!

  4. Cristina, I will be happy to share my thoughts on the exhibition, I am wondering if they know that Wuthering Heights will be (from what I have read on Amazon & HMV) coming out on dvd & blu-ray on the 7th September in the UK which seems strange because it's listed as coming on ITV in December, perhaps they may bring it forward due to that. I will be visiting again soon so I will ask about the exhibition then ;-)
    Another thing about the new Wuthering Heights that has baffled me is that the US version of the dvd is 137 minutes long but on IMDB and Amazon they list it as 180 minutes long, I wonder if we will finally be getting the full version as I read that they had to cut some footage due to time restraints.

    I did not know that they had used Oakwell for Lost in Austen, I will have to chase the dvd up now ;-) Oakwell Hall is such a beautiful place, the gardens are also just as stunning as the Hall itself. If you visit there you certainly have to put at least 6 hours aside just to explore the Hall and all the beautiful grounds.

    Bradford, UK

  5. Christina, I loved the recent ITV adaptation of Wuthering Heights, and I know that although I live in Devon I will be asking my husband to take me to see Oakwell Hall, can hardly wait!! When does the exhibition close?
    East Budleigh, Devon

  6. Hi Rosemary and Kelly,

    Check our post, where we have answered Rosemary's question. Any reviews or comments on the exhibition will be welcome.