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Exactly like it sounds. A Jane Eyre adaptation as a Yueju (Shaoxing) opera opens tomorrow, November 7, at the Shanghai Arts Festival. These are the details:
Yueju Opera Jane Eyre (简爱)
Majestic Theatre
November 7, 19:30 h
November 8, 19:30 h

Adapted from the novel of the same name by British writer Charlotte Bronte, Yueju opera Jane Eyre is a new challenge to the Chinese opera. It's not only a hard exploration to the mode of creation, but a powerful visual shock to the audience. In the practice of transplanting a western classic onto the stage of Yueju opera, Jane Eyre preserves the traditional melodies while absorbs elements of western opera and musical, in order to attain a more fashionable and foreign flavor. It makes innovations on the basis of still taking Yueju opera as main body by mixing Yueju opera and musical with added elements such as dance and polyphonic chorus.

Performed by Hangzhou Theatre Art Troupe and Hangzhou Yueju Opera Theatre

With Hai-Ming Li, Zhou Yu Jun (李海明、周妤俊)
Music: Yang Xiaoqing (杨小青)
Book: Yu Qingfeng (余青锋)
More information on the Oriental Morning Post Panyu (picture sources).

And another Jane Eyre is performed today in Donegal, Ireland:
Nov 6, 2008 12:00 am (Thursday)
Balor Theatre (map)
C/o Mr Conor Malone Main Street Ballybofey Co Donegal
Donegal, DL
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