Sunday, October 05, 2008

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Thanks to alert reader and good friend to BrontëBlog Faye, we are pointed in the IMDb page for the biopic Brontë, according to which Emily Brontë will no longer be played by Rebecca Hall but by Kate Maberly ('rumored', as they say). Kate Maberly's credits include Wendy in Finding Neverland (2004) and the lead role, Mary Lennox, in Agnieszka Holland's The Secret Garden (1993). The official movie website, however, hasn't changed this yet. As far as looks are concerned we don't dislike her as Emily. Now, if this production would only start moving for once and for all...

In other news, the IMDb now also states that the Mammoth Screen's TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights will be broadcast in April 2009.

(Picture source, Photo: Claire Newman Williams)

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