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The Peterborough Examiner reviews several theatre productions at the Shaw Festival, in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Talking about Githa Sowerby's The Stepmother:
Directed by artistic director Jackie Maxwell, and staged in the round in the Courthouse Theatre, Stepmother is another revived script that has not had airing since 1924. It is a striking piece, made relevant by muscularly choreographed, tightly woven playing. Maxwell allows the actors to struggle in silence as they shift positions in an angular fashion a few feet from the audience.
As the play unfolds, it becomes evident that Sowerby's script owes much to Bronte's classic narrative, Jane Eyre. The centre of this story is not some larger-than-life sized romantic heroine, but a flesh and blood complex woman, Lois Relph- Gaydon, who tries to juggle the roles of wife, stepmother and workingwoman gracefully and successfully. (Bea Quarrie)
The Los Angeles Chronicle introduces the film Affinity (Justine Stokes), present in the CINEMA DIVERSE: The 2008 Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Palm Springs, CA), like this:
On Friday, July 25, the Festival will feature three special films for its "Centerpiece Day." At 1:00 p.m., CINEMA DIVERSE will present AFFINITY (Canada/United States, 2007, Drama), a gothic lesbian melodrama set in the seamy underbelly of Victorian propriety. Director Tim Fywell has crafted a disturbing portrait of repression and the rupture of the human psyche that lies somewhere between Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Silence of the Lambs.
The New York Times publishes an article about the Nigerian author Rev. Uwem Akpan who apparently
(...) grew up reading her abridged editions of Shakespeare and the Brontës but also listening to the village elders, who gathered after Mass every Sunday to drink palm wine and tell long tales. (Charles McGrath)
Poemas Reunidos Geyper devotes a poem to the Brontë sisters (in Spanish). Beyond the pale imagines a talk between the Williams sisters rebaptized as Jane Eyre and Faramir. Books for Keeps reviews Jane Eyre 2006 in Norwegian. Kristiina talks about the current performances of Wuthering Heights in Estonia.Finally, Pride & Sensibility posts a biographical approach to Anne Brontë.

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