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In Santa Barbara, California:
Jane Eyre
adaptation by Polly Teale
Performed by the Westmont College Department.

Oct. 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 8 p.m. in Porter Theatre at Westmont College.

Matinees Oct. 18, 19, 25 and 26 for invited high school students in the first installment of the Found in Translation: Great Literature in the Theatre program.
The Santa Barbara Independent provides more information:
For the Westmont Theatre Arts Department, Jane Eyre continues an established tradition of producing contemporary theatrical adaptations of classic novels. When first performed by the theater company Shared Experience in 1997, Teale’s version was acclaimed for its insight not only into the characters of the novel, but into Brontë as well.
This interest was keenly felt by the director of the current production, Mitchell Thomas, when he viewed Shared Experience’s performance of the play. Thomas said when he saw Shared Experience’s Jane Eyre in London two summers ago, he “loved the style of the production,” adding that Teale’s “adaptation honors the story, and makes it come alive — not just as a museum-quality production, but as a story told in an inspiring and dramatic way.”
Jane Eyre, long critically acclaimed as the ultimate example of gothic romance, follows the title character, a literal “plain Jane,” from her life as an unloved orphan to her new job as governess at the Thornfield Estate. In the play, Jane (Sarah Halford) meets the mysterious owner, Edward Rochester (Nolan Hamlin), and becomes drawn to him as her time at the house continues. Nevertheless, this momentary harmony is inevitably destroyed when some old secrets in the attic are revealed, leaving Jane to decide for herself what her true understanding of love must be.
Thomas said the play’s biggest departure from the novel is the “fusing of the mad woman in the attic with Jane as her younger self,” implying that Jane’s free-spirited alter ego is visible as a distant shadow throughout the course of the play. Thomas views the alteration of the novel as a transformation, explaining, “These are the fun things in reenacting literature — different things are highlighted in different adaptations, and different lenses are used to view the play. There is an insane, almost vampire-like person in the attic, yet we care for her, as she and Jane have a relationship that is multileveled and multifaceted.”
With an all-student cast that ranges from first-years to seniors, this Jane Eyre is entirely Westmont’s own. Six of the nine roles in the show are for women, revealing something Thomas said affected his choice to perform this particular play — the pool of profoundly talented female drama students at Westmont. (
Miranda Green)
In Yankton, South Dakota:
Jane Eyre
Performed by the Yankton High School Drama Club
Oct. 19-20 and 22 at the Summit Activities Center's main theatre.
All performances are at 7:30 p.m.

Complete cast and crew here.
YHS faculty member Bob Beard directs the show with the assistance of Pat Kortan (Assistant Director) and Pam Kallis (Costumer).
More information can be read in Press & Dakotan:
"'Jane Eyre' is a very passionate love story," [Bob Beard] said. "Most people are familiar with 'Romeo and Juliet' but I think this romance surpasses that of 'Romeo and Juliet.'" (...)
Beard said he chose "Jane Eyre" because it fit the category of classic, which is a tradition for the YHS fall play, and it has many roles for female students.
"The classics tend to be heavy on the male roles," he said. "This play has a lot of female roles, and I think it was the first time I didn't have to turn down any female students."
In addition, Beard said the Gothic show has allowed everyone from the cast to the crew to step into another era.
"Our costumer, Pam Kallis, loves doing period pieces, and this show offers her many chances from the period dresses to the suits. When you say 'period pieces,' you can just see that sparkle in her eyes," he said. "This show also gives my assistant director Pat Kortan the chance to create the wonderfully gothic Thornfield Mansion. Everyone from the cast to the stage crew is doing an outstanding job of creating (the people and places of 'Jane Eyre')."
The show began practices just after Labor Day and has operated on a tight schedule, especially considering the very heavy line load many of the characters have had to memorize, Beard said.
"Bax Kavan, who plays Rochester, and Natalie Kathol, who plays Jane, really have a lot of lines," he said. "It has been really challenging for them but they have both stepped up and exceeded my expectations."
Kavan and Kathol, who are both seniors, said they have enjoyed their roles in "Jane Eyre."
"This part really has me going out of my comfort zone," Kavan said. "I've never played a character like Rochester before. It's been very challenging, but that's what I look for in a role."
For Kathol, the part has been a rewarding journey.
"I have enjoyed each night coming to play practice to live in (Jane's) world," she said.
Another senior, Emily Lundgren, said having read the novel, she believes the play is a good representation.
"People who have read the book will really see the words come to life," she said. "It is very good portrayal and they've fit everything in."
Blaine Mullican, senior, said the play offers audiences a new look on stage.
"It's definitely something different than we've done in a long time," he said.
Beard hopes to fill the YHS main theatre each night of performance.
"This really is an outstanding love story. We all need love stories," he said. "As the Beatles reminded us, 'All we need is love.' This show offers a great set, outstanding costumes and wonderful acting. What else could you ask for?" (Tera Schmidt)
And finally, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cumbres Borrascosas

Adapted and directed by Roberto Pieri
La Manufactura Papelera
Bolivar 1582 (San Telmo)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Cast: Gabriela Blanco, Roque Favale, Sebastián Morgan, Adrián Porra, Belén Pais, Carolina Echagüe, Paola Sanabria, Ricardo Murad, Camila Ozcoidi.

Complete Crew, here.

Premiere: October 19, 21:00
Performances: Wednesdays 20:30

Some months ago we posted about this adaptation of Wuthering Heights, albeit with another cast.

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  1. I was present yesterday on the premiere of this play in Buenos Aires, and I can say that is ine of loveliest shows I ever enjoyed.
    I know there´s not so many adaptations of Wuthering Heights for theatre, but I think everyone should be like this one.
    Roberto Pieri, adaptator and Director concrete a great job, making a lovely and dramatic play of inusual beuty and emotion.
    The actors really contrbute with their great performances, specially Sebastian Morgan as Heathcliff, Gabriela Blanco Fernandez as Catherine, and the excellent Adrian Porras as Edward Linton. Some of the other characters are in the same level of quallity Roque Favale and Ricardo Murad, gives to the spectator the posibility of enjoing a great performance as Himli Earnshaw and Joseph, resting in an resting oasis amongst the drama. But every body in the cast are great actors. The iluminations and art, draws a so intimate ambience that the spectators fells themselves inside the characters lives.
    A great Adaptation, a great performane, and a great recomendation

  2. We're really glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment.