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The Bookseller informs about the upcoming Yorkshire Book Awards and we can find a very nice surprise: Ann Dinsdale's The Brontës at Haworth

William Hague will announce the winner of a new award celebrating the best in Yorkshire writing at this September's inaugural Richmond Book Festival. Fifteen books are up for the award, which is sponsored by the Yorkshire Building Society and is supported by independent bookshops and libraries across the Yorkshire region.

Readers can vote for their favourite book in three categories using special cards found in libraries and bookshops or at Voting closes on 31st July. The prizes, including an overall winner, will be awarded on the opening night of the Richmond Book Festival, which takes place from 21st-30th September alongside the Richmond Walking Festival, which is in its third year. (...)

Among the speakers appearing at the festival are mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington, and authors Diane Setterfield, Jonathan Tulloch and Michelle Paver. Organiser Gillian Howells said: "Richmond, North Yorkshire is a forward looking market town in a superb dales setting. We're keen to make visitors and businesses aware of our many assets and the Yorkshire Book of the Year is a great example of how enterprising we are." (...)

The Yorkshire writings nominated are Black Diamonds by Catherine Bailey, Yorkshire Coast by Mark Denton, Brontes at Haworth by Ann Dinsdale, North Yorkshire 199 by Richard Jemison et al and Nobbut A Lad by Alan Titchmarsh. (Tom Tivnan)
Diane Setterfeld's The Thirteenth Tale is also nominated in the adult fiction books category.

The Brontës at Haworth
is a very recommendable book. You can read our (enthusiastic) review here. And don't forget... vote for Ann!


Regrettably Ann Dinsdale was not the winner. On the contrary, Diane Setterfeld has won in the adult fiction category.

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  1. It's all a fix anyway. The website owners want that Coast Book to win (and I believe they're fudging the figures to make sure it does), and the poetry blogosphere is hurriedly telling everyone else in the poetry blogosphere to vote for 199. The Coast book will win (by a "couple" of votes) with all books except the coast one and the poetry one only getting a couple of votes each. If you don't believe me, highlight the page after voting. The number of votes each book has received will be shown in brackets and will be shockingly close. I bet you.

  2. Is it? Oh well, we will keep on voting for her and see what happens. Being nominated is good too, I guess.

    Conspiracy theories are everywhere :(