Thursday, February 15, 2007

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Soap-operas and Wuthering Heights cross their paths again. Some days ago, it was Emmerdale, and now the turn is for Hollyoaks. Digital Spy informs about today's, February 15, episode:
Tina and Dominic try and give their sex life a literary rewrite when they decide to do a spot of role-playing; as Cathy and Heathcliffe(sic) from Wuthering Heights.
Not exactly a soap-opera, but not so far probably it's The Promise, the newly released Filipino film based on Wuthering Heights. The Manila Bulletin insists in its 'promotion':
Through writeups in various publications, every movie observer and fans may have known by now that Richard and Angel did sensual, erotic and sizzling love scenes in "The Promise." And this is something to look forward to, the producers promised. (...)

"The Promise" was deemed an ambitious project in that it veers away from the loveteam formula that catapulted both Angel and Richard to stardom. According to the producers, the onscreen presence of the two artists shines beautifully in this film, backdropped by scenic locations that set the mood for a superb romantic movie.
More Wuthering Heights. Associated Content publishes an article about Nature Vs. Nurture in Wuthering Heights
Although specific incidents influence the individual's thoughts and the way they each view their positions in the hierarchy of status in Wuthering Heights, it is natural human behavior that causes these individuals to quickly discover the differences between themselves and those with whom they interact with on a daily basis. In WutheringHeights, the Linton family, Heathcliff, and Catherine are all directly influenced by specific occurrences which cause them to individually create a stratification of social class, even within the isolated and secluded environment of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. (Read more) (Raeleigh Crawford)
Finally, we have this cryptic mention in a review of the fim Bridge to Terabithia:
The Terabithians, when they finally appear, look like fugitives from a Salbador Dalí exhibit, and the film takes a truly sad, "Wuthering Heights"-like twist near the end. (James Verniere)
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