Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Thanks for this are due to Mary for the scans and to Brontëana for the post. Radio Times features the new Jane Eyre in an insightful article accompanied by a good many pictures of this production.

We are loving Toby Stephens's smirk on the cover picture. However, we are unsure whether it stems from an effort to appear Rochester-like or from the blinding sun behind the camera :P In that same picture as well as in another one Ruth Wilson seems to be wearing Jane's wedding dress, which looks very proper and nice, and Toby Stephens seems to be dressed in his wedding outfit too :)

In one of the pictures Toby Stephens seems as if he'd like to bring a modern tough to his Rochester by incorporating a pair of very fashionable sunglasses :P

We have heard about many people wondering about the red scarf on the trailer. Well, here's what Andrea Galer (remember what she told us about the red symbolism?) says about it:

It's a deliberate touch, that. It refers to something Rochester says about how the firebird has dull, grey plumage, while beneath it has these beautiful red feathers which you see when it spreads its wings.
During Jane's early days here at Thornfied whenever the colour red appears it belongs to the rich and privileged characters in their bright-red hunting jackets and crimson dresses. At the same time, though, as well as fearing the things that red represents, she's romantically drawn to it, too."
More changes that this new production is portraying:

For example, Lady Ingram (Francesca Annis), the mother of the beautiful Blanche whom Jane expects Rochester to marry, cuts a much more glamorous figure than in previous production. "She's usually portrayed as a bit of a dragon", laughs director Susanna White. "But she's rather gorgeous in our version. In the same way, Rochester hidden-away wife Bertha has tended to be a bit of a dribbly old hag, whereas we've made her beautiful but mad. To Jane, therefore, she's a genuinely disturbing symbol of Rochester's past: something of a sexual threat, in fact."
All the scans can be found in the following links (to be found in PennyForYourDreams blog):
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  1. Thankyou for posting the above. Immediately after reading it i ran down to the paper shop to buy the magazines! They certainly give a favourable and promising account. They both look the part, although the actors appearances in comparison with the characters in the book are perhaps not everything, its great to see Mr Rochester dark hair...Williams Hurts appearence (his light hair inparticular) made it even more difficult for me to imagine him as Mr Rochester!

  2. You're welcome :). But all the merits are for the original scanners (Pennyforyourdreams and Mary)... we just did the easy work, to post it.