Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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A post completing informations that we have been posting in the last weeks.

Firstly, do you remember Deleers & Leclerq's Hurlevent graphical novel that we presented some days ago? Éditions Casterman have kindly provided us with the final cover. If you click on the right hand picture, you can enlarge the cover and if you check our post you can see some really nice samples.

Secondly, a few days back we posted about Hugh Dancy's addition to the cast of Brontë, the biographical film about the Brontës that Angela Workman writes and directs. We ended the post with the following question: Is Hugh Dancy our new George Smith? According to the imdb webpage of Brontë, he is.

And thirdly, a new name for the upcoming BBC production of Jane Eyre. This face on the left belongs to Ned Irish, he is George the Footman (we suppose he is the unnamed footman of Thornfield).

Picture credits: Andrew Chapman.

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