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A couple of intriguing Brontë-related novels:

The Haunting of Houses
by Maureen Peters, author of previous fictionalized accounts of Brontës' lives: The Child of Fire (Charlotte's) and The Child of Earth (Emily's).

Published by Robert Hale Publishers (June / July 2006)

Aspen Stewart lives with her grandfather in nineteenth century rural Ireland. Her mother died at her birth and she has no idea who her father might be until the day a dark stranger with a ring of bone on his finger comes calling. He introduces himself as Mr Heathcliff and from that moment Aspen is involved in the secret history of one of literature's most famous characters. Eventually, Aspen travels to Haworth in Yorkshire where she is caught up in the time of the Bronte sisters who are writing the story of which she is a part. But where does fantasy end and reality begin? Whilst some questions are answered, others remain like dreams to colour the mind. And over all broods the sullen Heathcliff...

This really sounds ffordish, we want to know more about this book. If someone can help, please enlighten us.

From the other one, we don't know if we want to know more:

Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel (Bard Academy, The) by Cara Lockwood. Published by Simon & Schuster (MTV Books)

Welcome to Bard Academy, where a group of supposedly troubled teens are about to get scared straight.

When Miranda, a slightly spoiled but spirited fifteen-year-old from Chicago, smashes up her father's car and goes to town with her stepmother's credit cards, she's shipped off to Bard Academy, a boarding school where she's supposed to learn to behave. Gothic and boring and strict, it's everything you'd expect of a reform school. But all is not what it seems at Bard....

For starters, Miranda's having horrific nightmares and the nearby woods are eerily impossible to navigate. The students' lives also start to mirror the classics they're reading -- tragic novels like Dracula, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre. So Miranda begins to suspect that Bard is haunted -- by famous writers who took their own lives -- and she senses that not all of them are happy. Complicating things even more is the fact that Ryan Kent -- a cute, smart, funny basketball player who went to Miranda's old high school -- landed himself in Bard, too. And the attention he's showing Miranda is making some of the other girls white as ghosts. Something ghoulish is definitely brewing at Bard, and Miranda seems to be at the center of ominous events, but whether it's typical high school b.s. or otherworldly danger remains to be seen.

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