Thursday, May 25, 2006

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The BBC is not the only one making radio adaptations of the Brontë novels (check these posts about the on-going broadcasts of WH and the recent ones of Shirley). English is not even the only language in which these adaptations can be made. We read at La Voz how WH has been adapted as a radionovela (you know, soap-opera latino style) and broadcasted in Venezuela this month.

Cathy was played by the well-known, in the latino soap-opera world, Gigi Zanchetta (in the picture). Heathcliff was Jean-Carlo Simancas. Three generations of actors of the same family are also on the production: Julio Capote was the narrator, Tatiana Capote was Katty (Catherine Linton ??) and her daughter Taniusha Capote plays Elizabeth (Isabella???). Other actors in the production were: Ana Casstell, Henry Soto, Nury Flores, Eliseo Perera, Vicente Tepedino, Henry Salvat, Luís Bascarán, Manuel Martínez and Lucía Sanoja. Produced and directed by Alberto Cimino.

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  1. Truly fascinating! language holds no barrier for the classics!

    Just shows that the themes in Emily's novel are universal.

  2. I especially like it when a classic originally in another language becomes alive - it is not merely translated and stored away in libriaries collecting dust. It is played with, and that is nice :)

  3. jibraltar español3/26/2007 12:43:00 pm

    Gigi Zanchetta, en España se te admira y se te quiere