Monday, May 15, 2006

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The Yorkshire Post publishes today an article about the current shooting of BBC's Jane Eyre upcoming production. The pictures are just dropping one by one, and now we had a new one to be added to the ones posted before. We have a name also for the young actress that plays Helen Burns: Hester Rodgers.

The crew were at Bolsover Castle, near Chesterfield, where they transformed the Riding House into the interior of Lowood School, complete with false floor and dressed with furniture and wall hangings from the period.

The filming at Bolsover Castle features the young Jane's life at Lowood School.

Ten-year-old Georgie Henley, of Ilkley, who recently starred in the Christmas blockbuster The Chronicles of Narnia, plays young Jane and Hester Rodgers her best friend Helen Burns.

Children from the Ripley Academy in Derbyshire play other Lowood pupils.

Castle visitor operations manager Andrea Hill said: "The BBC have been here for a couple of weeks and visitors have been fascinated to see the transformation and the filming going on."It has been great having the BBC here but we have the food and drink fair next weekend (May 20 and 21) and weddings booked for the Riding House so I will be glad to get it back." (...)

Filming is underway until June at the medieval castle Haddon Hall, owned by Lord Edward Manners, and other locations across Derbyshire.

Note: The picture of the Bolsover Castle's Riding House is taken from here.

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