Thursday, April 13, 2006

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Matlock Today publishes an article on the filming on BBC's Jane Eyre 2006. Diederick Santer (in the picture with Haddon Hall in the background), the producer touches on many interesting topics in a very exciting and enlightening interview.

The filming is advancing at fast speed. Scenes of wedding between Jane and Rochester and of the fire at Thornfield have already been shot (the latter apparently caused many neighbours to call the fire brigade!)

And when Franco Zefirelli shot the story ten years ago, he too chose Haddon Hall as the perfect Thornfield – an imposing house where Jane meets her true love Rochester.

The result was, according to this Jane Eyre's producer Diederick Santer, "quite a bad film", but Santer agrees with Zeferelli on one thing – Haddon Hall is Thornfield.

"It's this wonderful, atmospheric, medieval castle. It feels like it's been here since the beginning of time – and in a way it has been. It offers everything we need and it wasn't a difficult decision to make."

You could nearly hear the cheers of 50% of BrontëBlog when we read Mr Santer's words of Zeffirelli's Jane Eyre (the other half makes a sceptic face).

Director Susanna, who has a BAFTA nomination for her work on the period hit Bleak House, is similarly enchanted: "We were supposed to be based in Manchester or Liverpool, but we came here and said: 'This is the place, let's make it work here."

One can't say that they were too original, but it's not a bad place, so we won't complain.

And starlet Ruth Wilson, who was cast as Jane fresh from drama school ("she's going to be huge!", promises Diederick), has also fallen in love with Haddon: "It makes it so easy to act with all this history around you."

Ruth Wilson speaks! She's becoming too intriguing by now. We can't wait to see how 'huge' she is with our own eyes.

Finally, they say the mini-series will hit the screen by autumn, although we had heard it would be in time for Christmas. We'll see. Let news as exciting as this keep on coimng in the meantime!
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