Friday, November 11, 2005

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The website of the "Eyre apparent" exhibition in the Dome Rome of the Rotunda at the University of Virginita is now no longer a work-in-progress but a reality. Check it out here (you can find more information, directions, possible accomodations, etc.)

According to the website:
The show, which commemorates the 150th anniversary of Brontë’s death, offers up evidence of the book’s ubiquity and enduring popularity. The exhibition follows Jane Eyre through the 19th contury to the present, from the printed word to the household word. Visit Jane Eyre in the context of the bookshop, the stage, the classroom, and the doll house. Displaying everything from series books to Greek comics, and objects ranging from thimbles to cigarette cards, the show sheds light on how Jane Eyre became a classic text and reveals how shifting cultural contexts have affected and continue to shape its meaning.

A correction that we have to make to our previous post is that the exhibition it is open from 9 am to 4:45 pm (not 5:00 as we posted before). We can also confirm that the BBC version that will be showed is the 1983 one, just as we had speculated. And finally we have a title and a speaker for the lecture that will close the activities (except for the reception of course): "Who's/Whose Jane Eyre?" by Professor Karen Chase.

And, by the way, the Jane Eyre day (December 9, if you have forgotten) will have a bonus:
Charlottesville is home to an unusual number of book stores. The book stores listed here are offering a 10 percent discount, good through the December 9 weekend, to customers who bring their exhibition brochures

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