Monday, July 04, 2022

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Nicola Friar, Brontë juvenilia scholar and webmaster of The Brontë Babe Blog since 2017, has published a new edition of Charlotte Brontë's juvenilia, The Twelve Adventurers plus several Brontë fan fiction:
The Twelve Adventurers and Other Stories: A New Edition
Edited by Nicola Friar
Cover art by EmilyInGondal
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8837715730
June 2022  

In 1826 Charlotte Brontë and her siblings dreamt up their shared fantasy world of Glass Town. The siblings worked on the stories and characters from this world, and later Angria and Gondal, as they grew up. History has not been kind to the Brontë juvenilia with the surviving writings being split up across the world and the texts published in isolation. One famous example is The Twelve Adventurers and Other Stories (1926) which presented a heavily edited version of Charlotte's early fiction. Despite this, there is a special place in the hearts of Brontë fans for the juvenilia, twelve toy soldiers, epic power battles, warring siblings, love affairs, and genii. This book presents twelve new adventures written by Brontë fans which capture the spirit of the juvenilia.


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