Monday, May 24, 2021

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A monologue about Tabby Aykroyd:
Old Tabby Brontë: The Servant's Tale
by Hilary Robinson
Strauss House Productions
May 2021

A monologue by Hilary Robinson in 6 parts.
For almost thirty years Tabitha Aykroyd or “Old Tabby Brontë”, as she was known by locals in the village, had been the faithful servant of the Brontë family. She bore witness to the inner sanctum of the Haworth Parsonage: the family, their triumphs, their tragedies. Tabby was to outlive all but two of the eight Brontë family members: Charlotte and her beloved father, Patrick.
In a bid to rest in peace, Tabitha returns from the grave to right what she considers to be the injustices levelled at Revd Patrick Brontë in the first edition of Elizabeth Gaskell’s biography of Charlotte, The Life of Charlotte Brontë.
Written in dialect, Old Tabby Brontë - The Servant’s Tale draws on recorded facts and local history records.


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