Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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A new compilation book which includes Emily Brontë: 
Romanticism: 100 Poems
Editor: Michael Ferber
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781108491051
March 2021

'Romanticism', though a debated term, is broadly understood as a cultural movement which gripped the European imagination in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Embodying a poetics of feeling intersecting with nature and the notion of the sublime, its experiential aesthetics were furthermore bound up with ideas of personal and political rebellion. Michael Ferber's lively anthology includes lesser-known verse from the best-known poets, as well as a few fine poems by little-known poets. Perfect for readers who would like to enjoy the many riches of arguably poetry's greatest era, or for those already familiar with the poets but who would welcome some happy surprises, this varied international selection includes verse translated from six languages, with several poems appearing in the original language alongside its translation. This engaging selection features concise, informative headnotes and a helpful introduction that charts a course to understanding the Romantic movement as a whole.


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