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OtakuKart recommends '10 Romantic Movies If You Liked Pride And Prejudice' including
6. Jane Eyre (2011)
Jane Eyre is a romantic film that is directed by Cary Fukunaga. Jane Eyre runs from Thornfield Hall, finding herself all alone on the moors. She faints at the doorstep of Moor House. It is the home of St. John Rivers and Diana and Mary. The film flashes between Jane’s healing and her grim childhood. An orphan, she is dealt with cruelly through her cousin John and aunt Mrs. Reed.
One night, Jane discovers Rochester’s room on fire. He warns her not to talk of the incident, and they proportion a chaste. The subsequent day, Rochester leaves all of sudden to call on Blanche Ingram, whom Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane is Rochester’s potential wife; she and her family return with him a few weeks in a while a grand visit to Thornfield.
Jane gets the word that her cousin John has committed suicide. Jane returns to her demise aunt, who offers her a letter from Jane’s paternal uncle, John Eyre, asking that Jane stay with him in Madeira as his heir. The letter is three years old. Mrs. Reed admits writing it to John that Jane died at Lowood.
Jane tells Rochester she will go away to Thornfield and confesses her genuine emotions for him. Rochester proclaims that Jane is his only love. (Twinkle)
This columnist from Radio Ciudad de la Habana (Cuba) should reread Jane Eyre perhaps.
Quienes hayan leído novelas decimonónicas de autores ingleses, Jane Eyre u Orgullo y prejuicio, por ejemplo, tienen una idea de cómo eran las damas de la aristocracia inglesa en aquel tiempo:  más o menos tan estiradas y desdeñosas como ahora, pero con peluca y trajes complicados. También la literatura inglesa retrata muy bien las distantes, exigentes y poco afectuosas relaciones de aquellas madres con sus hijos. Las damas inglesas estaban muy conscientes de que parían y educaban herederos para que se hicieran cargo de títulos de abolengo, enormes propiedades y, en ocasiones, poderosas posiciones sociales y fortunas. Eran las mantenedoras de un rígido orden social que no estaba destinado cambio alguno, por más que ellas mismas se permitieran ciertas libertades personales, en especial de índole intelectual. (Gina Picard) (Translation)
AnneBrontë.org posts about 'The Brontë Family’s Revealing Census Returns'.


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