Saturday, January 30, 2021

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This is a short story (part of a series mystery series apparently) which has just been published on the ebook world:

ISBN: 9780463343302

You’ll die to eat here…
Daniel Paul is a Chicago chef known across the globe for his culinary genius on and off the TV. He has experienced heartwrenching tragedy, losing his English wife in a horrific plane crash and has since buried himself in work to mask the pain.
The time comes where he makes a spur of the moment decision to purchase an old run-down pub in the north of England as an ode to his wife, and in search of peace with his now teenage daughter; Frances.
Clara, the magical owner of the apothecary Odd Peculiarities in Haworth is the last woman he thought would spark his numb heart when he arrives, but when the over-confident American saunters into her shop, both their hearts are forever changed.
Before a budding romance can ensue there’s trouble brewing in the bleakness of the moors, tucked in amongst the moss and heath.
Deep in the shadows lies one that has a bone to pick, and he’s keen to bring death to the door of Haworth’s people using their beloved against them.
Can Daniel Paul and Clara work together to beat this killer and create their own brand of culinary magic together?


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