Sunday, January 24, 2021

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 A new musical about Emily Brontë is on the works. Broadway World informs:

In Emily's Words is a new musical about English novelist Emily Brontë and her great creation: Wuthering Heights. With book, music, and lyrics by Jessy Tomsko (Boleyn), the musical follows Brontë as she brings her story to life, the characters jumping off the page as she is writing them, and Emily herself becoming more immersed in the story as it progresses. Emily Brontë paved the way for future generations of female writers, and she continues to be an example of the boundlessness and power of the human imagination.

Watch the video below!

(...) Jessy Tomsko is also the composer/lyricist for Boleyn, and a contributing writer for Ramona. She began writing In Emily's Words when she re-read Wuthering Heights in 2019 and felt inspired to bring the Brontë literary classic to the world of contemporary musical theatre. "At first, I thought I would write a new Wuthering Heights musical adaptation because I love the novel and I'm fascinated by the tragic and corrosive love of Cathy and Heathcliff," says Tomsko. "But I soon realized that I wanted to find another way in. when I began to research Emily Brontë's life and legacy, I found the way in that I was looking for... and having Keri René Fuller bring this song to life was an absolute dream!" The song also features an extra element of warmth and depth provided by cellist James Wright Glasgow.


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