Sunday, September 06, 2020

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A new retelling of Wuthering Heights with ghosts and sea monsters.
Tempest Cursed: A Wuthering Heights Retelling
by K.C. Lannon
ISBN-13 : 979-8656118187
August 8, 2020

On the island of Moon Tithe, where sea gods called Deep Dwellers once ruled, there was a girl who became a ghost story and a boy who became a monster. As a child, spirited, lonely Pearl searches for Magic and answers after her mother’s presumed drowning. When she presents an offering to the old gods, expecting to meet the Deep Dwellers, she finds a strange boy named Hake instead. Half-human, half-Deep Dweller, and raised cruelly by a monster called the Old One, eleven-year-old Hake befriends Pearl and they make a deal: he will show her Magic in exchange for a home. But Hake knows nothing of Magic—only that Pearl’s romantic stories of the Deep Dwellers are a lie.As Hake and Pearl grow into young adults together, both the mysteries they seek to unravel and their romantic feelings for each other become hopelessly entangled. However, Pearl’s father threatens to separate them if they dig too deeply into Tempest’s secrets—a hidden passage, a Deep Dweller cult, and rumors of human sacrifices. But when the wealthy and kind Lotham family arrives on Moon Tithe, offering Pearl an escape from the secrets that haunt her, her loyalty to Hake is challenged, especially when his monstrous nature is revealed. Tempest Cursed is a loose retelling of Wuthering Heights in two parts. This novel is the first in an anthology of Gothic retellings.


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