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The author Milly Johnson chooses Jane Eyre as her favourite book in Good Housekeeping:
A story of resilience and good values and on the strength of this book, I upped sticks and moved to Haworth to live where this writer resided and had many happy years there. Village life was very different to the town life I was used to and so experiencing it was useful as well as great fun. Jane Eyre has everything for me: a heroine that women can identify with, a hero who is perfectly imperfect, a love rival, a touch of the supernatural, wonderful houses, despair and triumph – and a happy ending. Rochester remains in my top two favourite heroes of all times. Brontë has managed to make him the sexiest man on the planet without necessarily giving him the looks to match – sometimes attractive bests handsome and Rochester smoulders. You can imagine him being fantastic in bed! I read it first when my hormones were cranking up and I think it acquired a special place in my heart because of that, my first innocent passion. It is also full of the most beautiful quotes: "I ask you to pass through life at my side – to be my second self, and best earthly companion". Why isn’t that written into wedding vows? (Megan Sutton)
  Caitlin Moran discusses in The Times the film adaptation of How To Build A Girl:
So what do you do if you are a lonely girl? You cling to your heroes instead. They are your teenage imaginary friends. When I was 16, like Johanna, I had my God Wall: a wall in my bedroom covered with pictures of my heroes. The Brontë sisters, Elizabeth Taylor, Sylvia Plath, Cleopatra, Jo March, Karl Marx, Donna Summer, and Maria from The Sound of Music. When I needed advice, I would imagine what they would say.
Tha Arkansas Democrat & Gazette interviews a local student:
In British Literature, [Callie] Renshaw recalled reading "Wuthering Heights", a novel by Emily Brontë. The book focused on the relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, which interested Renshaw.
"It was a lot different than what I was used to reading," said Renshaw. (Jeremy Muck)
Shannon Reed quotes from her book Why Did I Get a B? in The Daily Beast:
At my first English faculty meeting of the year at Stella, Helen, our wonderfully competent and kind English chair, distributed a list of all of the book sets we had available for class reading, and asked us to decide what we would teach. It was shocking and embarrassing to go down the list and see that I hadn’t read most of them. Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, The Diary of a Young Girl… these were books that were classics while I was in school, so how had they never been assigned? (And why, on the other hand, had I army-crawled my way through Tess of the D’Urber­villes?)
The comedian Paul O'Grady describes his life in Aldington in Kent Live:
Paul O’Grady’s Country Life is part journal, part memoir and part gentle homage to the joys of pastoral living, albeit with flashes of the comedian’s trademark acid tongue.
On one page he describes enduring one of many power cuts: “It gets dark around four o’clock down here and this leccy better bloody well be back on before then as I’m not sitting here in the bloody dark with a couple of candles like one of those Brontës.” (Lauren MacDougall)
A passing reference in an editorial about the Tesla company in The Financial Times:
Previous financial bubbles bear out similar lessons. Britain’s Railway Mania which began in the 1830s brought economic pain to many backers when the reckoning came, including Charles Darwin and the Brontë sisters. 
IDN Times (Indonesia) lists period romance films based on novels:
Jane Eyre (2011) - 7,3
Film ini diangkat dari novel karangan Charlotte Brontë dengan judul yang sama dengan latar waktu era Victorian, sekitar tahun 1800an. Film ini menceritakan kisah cinta antara seorang pengasuh bernama Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) dan majikannya, Edward Rochester (Michael Fassbender).
Keduanya menjadi dekat dan akrab karena kesamaan perasaan dan pandangan tentang hidup. Namun kebahagiaan Jane terusik dikarenakan sang kekasih yang memiliki sebuah rahasia besar.
Akting dan chemistry mereka mengubah cerita lambat ini menjadi cerita yang sangat mengharukan dan membuat penonton bisa merasakan dilema yang cukup rumit dari karakter-karakter di dalamnya. (Ganjar Firmansyah) (Translation)
Anne Brontë.org discusses if Branwell Brontë did indeed visit London and attempted to enter the Royal Academy.


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