Friday, February 03, 2017

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The latest issue of The Brontë Society Gazette is now out (Issue 71. January  2017. ISSN 1344-5940).

Letter from the Editor by Belinda Hakes
Letter from the Chairman by John Thirlwell, Chairman of the Brontë Society
Articles of Association of The Brontë Society by Jan Lee, John Thirlwell
The Brontë Society Bicentenary Conference 2016 by Bob Gamble
White Rose Awards
William Scoresby, Jr. Scientist, Explorer and Vicar of Bradford by Sarah Fermi
The Legacy of Maria and Elizabeth Brontë by Mary Robinson Adamson
Bicentenary events in Brussels organised by the Brussels Brontë Group by Mary Robinson Adamson, Brontë Society member and Parsonage Museum volunteer
Brontë Society acquires Charlotte Brontë envelope at auction
Charlotte Brontë at the Morgan Library and Museum. New York: Charlotte Brontë - An Independent Will 
The Brontë Staircase by Imelda Marsden
The Brontës in Beverley by Belinda Hakes
New Responses to the Brontës: Andrew McMillan on Branwell
Membership News: 
   Members' survey / To Walk Invisible / Tips to hep you get the most out of your membership / Dates for your diary by Linda Ling, Membership Officer / In Memoriam: Katherine M. Reise
Looking for Jane Eyre's mad woman in the attic: a visit to Norton Conyers in North Yorkshire by Marina Saegerman
Percy Smith 1882-1948: Artist, Calligrapher, Letterer, Typographer, Etcher by Marion Delf.
Tracking the Brontës at Kirkstall Abbey 1152 Club by Val Crompton
Typhus and Typhoid 


  1. Correction in post of Gazette Issue 71: Mary Robinson Adamson is the author of 'The Legacy of Maria and Elizabeth Bronte'. Eddie Lawler authored 'Music for the Brontes' in Issue 70.

  2. Thank you. It is corrected now.