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According to Cornwall Live, Maria Brontë (née Branwell) is one of '8 Cornish people who changed the world'.
Maria Branwell (1783 - 1821)
Last but not least: a Cornish woman in this list. Maria Branwell was a Cornish author... and the mother of three internationally famous writers. Basically, thanks to her, the literary world has changed.
Branwell was born in Penzance in 1783 in a family of merchants and mayors. She wrote the essay The Advantages of Poverty, In Religious Concerns.
Have you guessed who her children were? Their first names were Emily, Anne and Charlotte... the Brontë sisters. (C_Becquart)
Broadway World presents Gulf View Drive, the final play in Arlene Hutton's Trilogy and adds that,
According to Rubicon Producing Artistic Director Karyl Lynn Burns, [...] "We have also been privileged to come to know the brilliant creator of the Trilogy playwright Arlene Hutton," says Burns, "and to regard her as part of our theatre family. During the run of the show, we will be presenting a free staged reading of another new play by Arlene entitled Three Sisters Brontë."
The reading will take place on Monday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m. and complimentary tickets may be reserved through the Rubicon box office when ordering tickets to the Gulf View Drive.
The Times Tribune features paper flower bouquets:
Paper flowers represent a perfect marriage of literature and art, where words combine with craft and result in new form of beauty.
For Sheli Pratt-McHugh, the department chair for Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library at University of Scranton, there was no better way to express her love than to incorporate this DIY trend into her August wedding. [...]
“I wanted to make it myself so it was the style I liked and books I like,” Mrs. Pratt-McHugh explained. “They were all ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ my two favorites.”
She bought a copy of each from a library book sale and set to work. Each flower took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and she needed about 200 in order to make bouquets for her two bridesmaids; a larger bunch for herself; boutonnieres for the groom, his two attendants and the fathers on both sides; and corsages for their mothers. (Patrice Wilding)
Diario de Córdoba (Spain) tells about a local book club who met to comment Jane Eyre,
En estos días nos hemos reunido los de Córdoba y provincia para analizar la novela: Jane Eyre, de la autora Charlotte Brontë. El acto comenzó con una magnífica introducción sobre la obra y su autora, realizada por la profesora en filología inglesa María Valero Redondo. María es una apasionada de la literatura inglesa, no en vano posee un Máster de literatura y linguística inglesa en la UGP y en el año 2014 le concedieron una beca FPU para escribir su tesis sobre: Cumbres borrascosas, la novela de la escritora inglesa Emily Brontë. Se analizó con detalle la novela y la vida de Charlotte Brontë. Todos los participantes estuvimos de acuerdo en que es un clásico de la literatura inglesa. Se dijo que es un libro innovador en cuanto a la forma de proceder y de pensar, teniendo en cuenta que está publicado en 1847 y escrito por una mujer, y que podría ser una de las primeras novelas feministas. También se comentaron las características de todos los personajes y las diferentes adaptaciones que ha tenido al cine. Más allá de su escritura, la propia vida de Charlotte Brontë está íntimamente ligada a la evolución de la mujer en la sociedad. (Pilar Redondo) (Translation)
New Statesman reviews Sady Doyle's Trainwreck and remarks on the fact that, 'Charlotte Brontë dared to write'. Nick Holland tells about the connection between the Brontës and the 'award-winning Ponden Hall' on AnneBrontë.org. Low Country Book Lover posts about Wuthering Heights and suggests a playlist to go with the book.


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