Saturday, November 05, 2016

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The JBShorts 2016 edition contains another selection of six 15 minutes plays written by TV writers. The last play of the show is particularly interesting to us:
53 Two
8 Albion Street
M1 5NZ
Tues 1st - Sat 12th November
7.30pm (doors open 6.40pm)
MATINEE : SAT 12th November @ 4p.m.
Wuthering Heights at Hurricane Speed
by Charlotte Brontë (!!!)
Adapted by Peter Kerry & Lindsay Williams
Directed by Joyce Branagh
A classic tale by Charlotte Brontë (!! ), told JB Shorts Style.
Featuring Amy Drake, Verity Henry, Robin Simpson & Richard Weston
As you can see it comes with a blunder incorporated.

The ReviewsHub says:
Always finish on a high, they say, and Wuthering Heights at Hurricane Speed is the best, high-energy, rip-roaring way to finish the night at the theatre. Bronte’s book has been adapted by Peter Kerry and Lindsay Williams into a tight 15-minute play, directed by Joyce Branagh and performed with breakneck speed, hilarity, and panache by Amy Drake, Verity Henry, Robin Simpson and Richard Weston. The multi-roling highlights the ridiculous repetition of names and constant death throughout this gothic novel, yet somehow successfully still captures the essence of this famous story, its passion and the moors.
And Manchester Confidential:
The final show, Wuthering Heights at Hurricaine Speed, is exactly what it says on the tin. To my shame I’ve never made it through the book. Now I don’t need to. If ever a work of literature was made for this style of race-through-it theatre, Bronte’s tale of moors and doomed romance is it. The excellent Joyce Brannagh directs a joyful and mournful cast to deliver writer Lindsay Williams’ take on the story. Verity Henry as Cathy has brilliant broad Yorkshire pouts, Amy Drakes engages the audience, literally, as narrator Nellie. Richard Weston’s Heathcliffe (!) is dramatic and headstrong while Robin Simpson as Lockwood, and many many other parts, is pure entertainment. (Joan Davies)


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