Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Obsession with Trees is an exhibition by Julia Entwistle which opened yesterday, March 28, at the Colne art gallery, Arteology:
Julia’s work is often based around the landscape, but more recently she has been looking at cities around the region….especially Manchester and its surrounding areas. Her cityscapes have a timeless quality, capturing both the beauty and domineering aspects of the city’s fascinating architecture. It’s the sublime aspect of this particular subject that she tries to evoke in her paintings.
‘Within my work I try to capture the mood of the place rather than simply producing a topographical study. I hope to achieve this effect by the overlaying of different materials, using acrylics and varnishes. Working with mixed media gives you the ability to respond to chance and accident, creating unique results.
There have been various influences on my work, especially within the Gothic/Romantic genre, films such as Wuthering Heights, Rebecca and Jane Eyre. Other related links include literature by Thomas Hardy, the Brontë sisters and Byron, all of whom have helped me to get in touch with my own emotions.’
From Turner to Wuthering Heights is a previous series of five acryllic canvas with obvious Brontë links:


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