Sunday, March 29, 2015

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The Press and Journal looks for the ingredients of a period drama hit:
No period yarn is complete without a strong heroine, whether they’re quietly stoic like Brontë’s Jane Eyre, or more demonstrative like Graham’s Demelza. Forget damsel in distress, the women need to display passion and guts to rival that of the romantic heroes. (Cheryl Livingstone)
The Independent (Ireland) looks inside the enduring appeal of the Cinderella story:
At a story-telling level, Cinderella always works, because we love the idea of the person who has been ignored and humiliated overcoming adversity and winning her rightful place in the world - and in love. Writers have plundered the Cinderella theme from Jane Eyre to Pretty Woman. (Mary Kenny)
Cuba Ahora (Cuba) has an article about Elisabeth Félix, Mademoiselle Rachel... Vashti in Villette:
Charlotte Brontë se inspiró en ella para un personaje de novela, y hasta un color de polvo facial llevaba su nombre. (Argelio Santiesteban) (Translation)


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