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The collection of  poems Heathcliff Adrift by Benjamin Myers, first shown in the exhibition in the Nick Small photographic (Heathcliff Adrift) exhibition a few months ago at the Durham Book Festival, is available in a very limited (just one hundred copies) edition:
Heathcliff Adrift
Benjamin Myers
Publisher: New Writing North

Commissioned by New Writing North for Durham Book Festival, Heathcliff Adrift is a series of narrative poems, first exhibited alongside stunning landscape photographs taken by Nick Small.

Conceived while walking the moors of the West Riding in Yorkshire, the work considers the questions: where did Emily Brontë’s eponymous anti-hero go and what did he see? It explores the idea of what happened to Heathcliff during his ‘missing’ three years in Wuthering Heights, an era in which the industrial revolution was in its earliest days and the ragged beauty of the landscape was under threat from the arrival of mechanisation. Further themes include nature, violence, survival and the changing seasons.

The book is limited to 100 bespoke copies printed by Tangerine Press. It includes 32 hand-sewn pages and features recycled cairn stiff card covers and Heritage Book White acid-free text paper, a foil-stamped front cover and black and white photo by Nick Small.
A review can be read on Cuckoo Review.


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