Monday, November 10, 2014

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Stardust Reverie is a symphonic metal band which enlists several well known names in the metal scene: Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/Alcatrazz), Zak Stevens (Savatage/CIIC), Lynn Meredith (ProtoKaw), Melissa Ferlaak (Visions of Atlantis), Bill Hudson (Jon Oliva´s Pain/CIIC)Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica), Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain), Dougie White (Rainbow/MSG) and Edu Falaschi (Almah, Angra). Precisely Edu Falaschi's website we found this curious information:
Brazilian singer, composer and producer Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) has recently recorded his vocal part for the second album of “all-stars” project Stardust Reverie “Proclamation of Shadows”. Edu participates in a song “Resemblance” (based on Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights”).
Stardust Reverie is an international project established by Spanish musician and composer Victor Banner. Such world stars as Graham Bonnet, Dougie White, Bill Hudson, Zak Stevens and others are participating in the recording sessions of “Proclamation of Shadows”. The album is planned to be released in March 2015.


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