Monday, July 14, 2014

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The Tour de France's Grand Départ into Yorkshire is still being discussed. The Peeblesshire News features the
70-strong armed forces peloton who paved the way for the world’s most famous cycle race. [...]
Nicky Roche, Chief executive of the Tour de France hub said: “Preparations for the Tour took many months and we are grateful to the military cyclists for their assistance with the final planned tests.” Nursing a few muscle aches, the second day saw the military cyclists leave York across Ilkley Moor up the cobbled main street of Haworth made famous by the Brontë family through Todmorden into Huddersfield. 
ECNS (China) reports how
On a Saturday morning in Beijing's Wangfujing Street, the Foreign Language Bookstore sported a banner to promote its "big summer exhibition of imported books".
Staff members on the ground floor tried to sell an Oscar-movie collection to customers. The most eye-catching shelves stocked best-selling novels of blockbusters such as The Hobbit and Twilight; best-sellers like Eat, Pray, Love and The Time Traveler's Wife; and classics like Jane Eyre and Romeo And Juliet.
Comedian Jack Dee plays agony uncle for 'some desperate public figures' in The Guardian:
Dear Uncle Jack, our politicians are playing fast and loose with the facts on human rights and the media seem to lap it up. Before long, I fear it'll be too late. What should I do? Shami Chakrabarti Dear Shami, how sad to hear that politicians and the media appear to be tarnishing their good reputation. Well Shami, in the words of Kate Bush (and no, it's not what you're thinking – "Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, come home. I'm so cold! Let me in-at-your window,") – in the words of Kate Bush to Peter Gabriel: "Don't give up." It didn't work for Gabriel as he appears to have done nothing since, but the sentiment might be useful. Good luck.
Teen Ink has a post on Wuthering Heights. Entre Reticências writes in Portuguese about Jane Eyre. Nitrate Glow reviews Jane Eyre 1934.


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