Monday, July 14, 2014

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The Flute and Fagot Ensembles of the Stedelijke Academie Voor Podiumkunsten Adriaan Willaert (STAP) in Roesalare, Belgium performed last February this piece by the American composer Lewis A. Cocher: Aire

The ensembles were directed by Koen Brouns and Koen Coppé, respectively. The composer who pointed us to this video has also clarified for us its Brontë connections:
Titled "Aire", the title itself is a play on words: this work for woodwind ensemble is inspired by the novel "Jane Eyre". In my mind as I wrote the piece, I thought of the conversations between Jane and Helen Burns, and I pictured a contrast between Jane's early child love for fantasy and picture-books, and Helen's firm grip upon the reality of life...and death.


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