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This year we celebrate the first centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and the Brontë Parsonage has also preparated a special event:
Saturday 26 April
Study Day: Words of War
West Lane Baptist Centre, Haworth 10am - 4pm

As part of a series of events throughout 2014 to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War, this accessible study day will explore the connections between war and literature. Led by Charmian Knight and Luke Spencer, this study day will be divided into two, the first half will focus on the experiences of women, while the second part will examine poetry and war.

Writing the Women's War

Of the choices facing women in the 'Great War': to support the fighting, or try to ignore it; to nurse the wounded, or suffer in silence; one of the braver options was to write about it. This session by Charmian Knight will centre on novels written during or just after the war (not exclusively by women) which explore their situation at the time.  The themes and insights that emerge should enhance our understanding of the war's effects on women generally, and writers especially.

Heroic sacrifice, tragic waste or grim farce?   Some poets’ views of war.

War has always inspired poets and their responses to it have included everything from simple patriotism to moral outrage, from intense pity to sardonic humour.  In this centenary year of the start of the First World War it is especially appropriate to consider some of the things that poets have said about large-scale armed conflict.  Luke Spencer will introduce and discuss a selection of poetry from the late sixteenth century to the 1960s, with special emphasis on the ways in which poetic language and form have interacted with changing social conditions and abiding moral concerns.

Tickets: £20
To book tickets contact / 01535 640188 or book online at


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