Thursday, March 20, 2014

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The Atlantic asks several authors, playwrights and actors the following question: 'Who Is the Greatest Fictional Character of All Time?' And here's what actor Alec Baldwin replies:
For men, it’s a toss-up between the Prince of Denmark and the Thane of Cawdor: paralysis through inaction versus over-aggression. It’s a toss-up for the ladies as well, between Jane Eyre (life) and Blanche DuBois (death).
A columnist from the Cavalier Daily writes about a trip to New Orleans and about the story of a women there who would not
appreciate being labeled a Brontë stock character. (Julia Horowitz)
Storify lists tweets about the Bristol Old Vic Jane Eyre production. What's Peen Seen? thinks that this production is
an affectionate and moving tribute to Brontë’s work and the complex, inspiring, warm woman at the core of it. Stunningly directed and exquisitely performed, it is a thoroughly enjoyable evening for those who love the novel, and a wonderful introduction for those who have yet to read it. (Alex Delaney)
Pictures of last weekend's Brontë Festival of Women's Writing can be seen on the Brontë Parsonage Facebook pageKev's Stuff posts about a canal trip in Brontë Country on a Brontë boat. Write My World gives 5 stars out of 5 to Jane, le renard et moi. Off the Shelf posts about Villette which the reviewer renames Jane Eyre on Steroids. Psbesitos (in Spanish) makes a double review of two novels that cannot be more different: Jane Eyre and Lolita. ExeUnt Magazine reviews the all-male Peter McMaster Wuthering Heights adaptation that will return to the stage next month. I'll Review your Mum in a Minute posts a funny Wuthering Heights haiku.


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