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My Mr Rochester is a serialized contemporary retelling of Jane Eyre whose first (of five) installment can be found in the wonderful domain of Kindle and Nook:
My Mr. Rochester 1 (Jane Eyre Retold) 
L.K. Rigel
Publisher: Beastie Press
Publication date: 11/15/2013
The classic Gothic tale set in a future utopia, retold in five episodes.
Episode 1:  Orphan Jane endures luxurious cruelty at Gateshead, survives the sterile austerity of Lowood, and finds a place at Thornfield Righteous Estate ~ only to encounter a rough, mysterious stranger who threatens the tranquility of mind she's fought so hard to achieve.

I love the novel Jane Eyre. If you follow my website, you know I've written about my frustration with all the film versions. Each has its virtues and definitely its flaws. No one has ever told the St. John Rivers part of the story well.
My Mr. Rochester, is a serialized retelling of the classic tale set in a future utopia (or dystopia, depending on your point of view).
The story is perfect for the serial form when it includes all of Jane's "adventures" in Brontë's tale. I think of it like a BBC miniseries. My Mr. Rochester is presented in five episodes, each somewhere around 30K words.

My Mr. Rochester will appeal to Jane Eyre purists in that I haven't cut out the St. John Rivers episodes, but it may irk some in that I've developed the erotic side of Jane and Rochester's relationship. Not that the story is loaded with smexy scenes, but I believe the steam rises at one or two Kindle locations...


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