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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008 10:15 pm by M. in ,    1 comment
The Hollywood Reporter confirms what was already vox populi. Ecosse's Wuthering Films film project has secured Michael Fassbender as Heathcliff:
CANNES -- At least one half of the casting crisis facing John Maybury's "Wuthering Heights" has been solved in the wake of Natalie Portman's sudden decision to pull out of the headline role of Cathy.
Ecosse Films, the production house run by Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae, which is producing the picture, said they have secured Michael Fassbender for the role of Heathcliff.
Fassbender stars in Steve McQueen's "Hunger," which heralded the beginning of Cannes sidebar Un Certain Regard on Thursday.
Bernstein described the Heathcliff role as "one of the most powerful and iconic romantic roles" in cinema.
Finance and sales company HanWay is repping the title for sales here.
Portman's exit left the financiers, sellers and producers rattled just days ahead of the fest.
HanWay Films is hoping to have a replacement for Portman "within days" in the role of Cathy.
Written by Olivia Hetreed, who also undertook the adaptation of "Girl With a Pearl Earring," the new adaptation plans to steer away from "the stuffy costume drama" format.
Emily Bronte's novel centers on the intense love story between the rich Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling brought from the slums of Liverpool. (Stuart Kemp)
Variety adds:
“Fassbender has a touch of genius about him,” said HanWay’s chief exec Tim Haslam. “He’ll be a revelation — brooding, wild and dangerous — he could be a Brando for Britain.” (Ali Jaafar)
From The Independent (May 17):

A spokesperson for Ecosse Films, the British production company, said it had secured the actor, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Michael's our Heathcliff. He has the raw quality we were looking for," said the spokesperson. "He's the right actor for the role, and he has a sense of star quality about him."

Tim Haslam, the chief executive of HanWay, which is handing the film's international sales, added: "He'll be a revelation – brooding, wild and dangerous – he could be a Brando for Britain." John Maybury, who is directing the film, was said to be gripped by the power of Fassbender's acting in the screen test. (Arifa Akbar)
Picture: Michael Fassbender yesterday, May 15, in Cannes. Source.

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  1. i thought ed westwick was going to play heathcliff? or will he be playing a younger heathcliff?