Thursday, July 22, 2021

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A new illustrated Jane Eyre edition:
by Charlotte Brontë
Illustrated by Christina Rauh Fishburne
The Crow Emporium Press
ISBN 9781527282704

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is one of the most loved English novels of the Victorian era. 
Inspirited by the immense beauty of classic books of the past, The Crow Emporium Press has launched its first illustrated classic novel.
Featuring artwork by artist Christina Rauh Fishburne, The Crow Emporium Edition will be a superb addition to the shelves of lovers of literature. 
This hardcover edition is cloth bound with gold foil.  Inside an incredibly illustrated art nouveau inspired title page by UK artist Kirsty Maclennan, who also illustrated a beauteous alphabet for use within the book.  The coloured end papers have been drawn by Maria Brunetti who wanted to bring to life the scraps of material of Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Thackeray’ Dress and has created a stunning art piece to frame the book.
The edition features twenty acclaim
ed artworks by Christina Rauh Fishburne which have captured the most iconic moments of the novel, and are of such remarkable quality, her name will surely become a part of the lexicon of work inspired by the muse that is Charlotte Brontë and her greatest novel, Jane Eyre.

Examples of the illustrations can be found in  Smile When You Say That and the Brontë Sisters.


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