Tuesday, July 06, 2021

An alert from Thornton. This upcoming weekend, the Thornton Open Gardens take place. In The Telegraph & Argus:
Thornton Open Gardens will run on Saturday, July 10, and Sunday, July 11, from 12pm until 5pm.
The event will showcase 25 different gardens around Thornton.
It is being held to raise funds for the community centre, Sapgate Gardens and the Brontë Bell Chapel.
There's plenty of variety, with allotments to graveyard and cottage gardens on the trail. (Felicity Macnamara)
Still in Brontë country, Keighley is eager to be the base of the planned Film Studio of the North. In Keighley News:
He [Steve Kelly, principal of Keighley college] added: “The Keighley area is packed with striking locations which is why so many film crews have made their way here.
“We have breathtaking landscapes – including Brontë Country – along with fascinating, historically-significant buildings and the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway which of course featured in The Railway Children.” (Alistair Shand)

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner talks about Law Farm (in Southowram, near Halifax) which is now available to rent. 

A rural country farmhouse thought to be the inspiration for a classic Brontë novel is available to rent through Airbnb.
Law Farm near Halifax is believed to have inspired Emily Brontë’s 1847 novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ and is now a four-bedroom house available for rent as a holiday cottage.
Academics say that the history of the building inspired the classic novel, as it bears many similarities to the plot of the story.
"The Oxford Companion to the Brontës" says that Emily Brontë worked as a teacher here for a brief period between 1838 and 1839, and what she learned would set the foundations for her classic work of literature. (Chris Pickles)

The events that are referred to are connected to Law Hill and the story of Jack Sharpe as can be read in Gérin's Emily Brontë's biography. We don't really know if the cottages that are now known as Law Farm are really connected to the story or not.

Diario de Jerez (Spain) recommends summer readings:
Maribel Ortega recomienda 'Jane Eyre', de Charlotte Brontë
La soprano jerezana relata que "siendo una niña vi una serie que me impactó mucho. Contaba la historia de una joven en la época victoriana. Su nombre, Jane Eyre. En cuanto pude, conseguí el libro de Charlotte Brontë, con el que disfruté aún más. Cada vez que lo leo me vuelve a impactar por el argumento y la personalidad de la protagonista, una mujer sensible, libre, independiente, feminista, valiente y rebelde, que piensa diferente a las mujeres de su época y escoge su propio destino. Me parece una novela adelantada a su tiempo, todo un referente para mí y que recomiendo leer". (Translation)
Marie Claire (France) and the myth of the soulmate:
De Blanche-Neige qui se languit du “jour où son prince viendra” à Cathy dans Les Hauts de Hurlevent qui clame que son âme et celle de Heathcliff sont les mêmes, la recherche du grand amour se double systématiquement de celle d’un être idéalement complémentaire. (Alexandra Pizzuto) (Translation)

Dab of Darkness briefly reviews K.C. Lannon's Tempest Curse. Cath Berry posts a comparison between The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Wuthering Heights.


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