Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Radio Times reminds us not to miss this tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.
Brontë's Britain with Gyles Brandreth
Dark, sexual, abusive men stalk the pages of the Brontë sisters’ best-known novels. All were variations of Lord Byron, suggests Gyles Brandreth, exploring the themes that fired the writing of Charlotte, Emily and Anne. 
There is an exciting peep inside the box bed with the window where Cathy’s ghost appears in Wuthering Heights, and we see Mr Rochester’s dark hall with the paintings exactly as described in Jane Eyre. 
Brandreth gives Channel 5’s mix-and-match storytelling style gravitas. The unrelated clips from Matilda and Mary Poppins and the musings of comedians and thespians are thankfully balanced by informed academics and writers. Best of all are the shots of the Yorkshire Moors, which remain inspiring today.(Shyama Perera)
The Times recommends it too.


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