Saturday, June 26, 2021

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Another recently published Brontë-related thesis:
Abdelaziz Bousbai, Roumaissa Amrani
University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla (Algeria)

Charlotte Brontë's Villette was publishedin 1853, and it revolves around the protagonist Lucy Snowe, who is a melancholic character.Embarking on the journey of reading Villette, readers may wonder why Lucy Snowe is loaded with all these  complexes, why she tends to behave in ways that put her psychology into question. One plausible hypothesis is the melancholy that she suffers from and which shapes her personality to a great extent. Melancholy is also incomprehensible in Lucy Snowe's case in the novel Villette. Therefore, this research aims to study the psychology of Lucy Snowe since it is melancholic, and that is by analysing a set of defence mechanisms, departing from the Freudian psychoanalytic approach. After conducting the analysis and discussing the findings, this research validates the suggested hypotheses: that Lucy Snowe is indeed a melancholic character, and those defence mechanisms are components of melancholy in Lucy Snowe’s case, that operate at the level of the unconscious i.e. the deep structure while melancholy is the apparent state that can be noticed through a number of symptoms.


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