Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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A recently published Ph.D.:

Lexical relation in Jane Eyre novel by Charlotte Bronte : A semantics analysis
Rondonuwu, Ayu Rosemarie Getsemani (2021)
Sarjana thesis, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Novel is a narrative work of prose fiction (Prahl, 2019) It has a long story where the author shares their experiences or it may someone else’s. Lexical relation is the study of how lexicon is managed and how the lexical meanings of lexical items are related each other. (Saeed, Semantics Fourth Edition, 2016, p. 56) This research examines the lexical relation in Jane Eyre novel by Charlotte Bronte using the Semantics theory by John Saeed and several supporting theories and sources. The research method used is qualitative method because it relies on the text. (Cresswell, 2014, p. 232) This research analyses the kind of lexical relation and the most frequently used lexical relation and the findings of this research is. The researcher found 10 data of omonymy, 12 data of polysemy, 29 data of synonymy, 20 data of antonymy, 6 data of hyponymy, 1 data of portion mass.


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