Monday, May 31, 2021

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This contributor to The Times seems to have read one of the article in the latest issue of Brontë Studies (Volume 46. Issue 2): The Brontës and Tuberculosis Immunity by Emma Langan.
Charlotte Brontë and her father, Patrick, survived the tuberculosis epidemics that ravaged the rest of their family because of natural immunity, research suggests.
TB bacteria can remain dormant in the bodies of people exposed to infection so that they do not fall ill but are not necessarily immune. Emma Langan, a biomedical science student at Teesside University, has concluded, however, that Patrick and Charlotte were likely to have been genuinely immune to the disease. (Sara Tor) (Read more)
This columnist from The Telegraph shares her 'nine failsafe rules for guilt-free parenting' and one of them is
Point them in the direction of some relevant literature. Such as Mommie Dearest, Jane Eyre, Little Dorrit. (Shane Watson
Batley & Birstall News features one W H Smith, Dewsbury’s first borough librarian in 1889.
As well as collecting many rare books on Yorkshire’s history, he also collected anything to do with the Brontë family’s connection with the district. (Margaret Watson)


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