Friday, April 09, 2021

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The Telegraph and Argus reports the plans for new signage in Haworth after the closure of the Tourist Information Centre a couple of years ago.
Now Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council have submitted an application to install a new notice board, which will hold a map of key attractions in the village, at the bottom of Main Street.
The Council's application says it could be the first in a number of tourist maps installed at key sites in Haworth. [...]
The Parish Council's application says: "As a result of the closure of the Tourist Information Centre there has been a concern that visitors required information located at specific locations in the form of a map to identify places of interest.
"The Parish Council believes this village map board will have positive benefits in promoting tourism in the area.
"Hopefully this will be the first map board to be placed at strategic locations across the village."
If the application is approved, the first sign will be installed near an existing heritage sign outside the Old Hall Hotel.
A decision on the application is expected next month. (Chris Young)
The Sydney Morning Herald describes Wide Sargasso Sea as
one of the few prequels that has lived up to the genius of the book that inspired it. (Jane Sullivan)
Book Riot recommends '15 Fantasy Mystery Books for Readers Craving a Magical Whodunit. 9 Fantasy Mystery Books' and among them is
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
In an alternate Great Britain, futuristic technologies like cloning and time travel are everyday commodities. When the conniving Acheron Hades seeks to erase Jane Eyre (yes, the Jane Eyre) from history, detective Thursday Next is assigned to the case. As she dodges time-space-sucking black holes and reckons with all sorts of anachronistic nightmares, Thursday is the literary world’s only hope of bringing justice to Jane Eyre and Charlotte Brontë’s poor manuscript. (CJ Connor)
The Times reviews Beeswing: Fairport, Folk Rock And Finding My Voice 1967-1975 by Richard Thompson:
He also has an Englishman’s innate understanding that things will invariably go wrong. In 1970 Fairport played the Yorkshire Folk, Jazz and Blues Festival, an attempt at a British Woodstock that ended up as a hippy Wuthering Heights, with howling gales and its forlorn promoter going mad and spending two weeks wandering the Yorkshire moors. (Will Hodgkinson)
Also in The Times, a review of the film Sequin in a Blue Room:
The debut director and co-writer Samuel van Grinsven displays a deft comedic touch with the classroom scenes (teacher droning on about Heathcliff and Victorian romance while Sequin sexts potential conquests) and with Sequin’s awkward exchanges with his blokey, matey father (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor). (Kevin Maher)
Finally, an alert for today as reported by Star of Mysore (India).
To celebrate the 251st Birth Anniversary of William Wordsworth and the 201st Birth Anniversary of Anne Brontë, a special talk by Dr. R. Purnima, Director of Children’s Literary Club, and formerly Professor of English, KSOU, is organised at 5.30 pm on Apr. 9.  This event will be held at Chamundi Children’s Home, II Stage Brindavan Extension, Mysuru. For details contact Mob: 96323-15924.


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