Saturday, March 06, 2021

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 The Swimmers is a new reimagination of Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre:

The Swimmers
by Marian Womack
Published by Titan Books
ISBN 9781789094213
Feb 23, 2021 ISBN 9781789094213

After the ravages of the Green Winter, Earth is a place of deep jungles and monstrous animals. The last of the human race is divided into surface dwellers and the people who live in the Upper Settlement, a ring perched at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.
Bearing witness to this divided planet is Pearl, a young techie with a thread of shuvani blood, who lives in the isolated forests of Gobari, navigating her mad mother and the strange blue light in the sky. But Pearl’s stepfather promises her to a starborn called Arlo, and the world Pearl thought she knew will never be the same again. 
Set in the luscious landscape of Andalusia, this claustrophobic, dystopian reimagining of Wide Sargasso Sea is a literary fever dream, a blazing vision of self-destruction and transformation.


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